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{ Korolard's Farm - Thursday, February 12th - Evening }

After a short 10 or 15 minute ride down a rutted and snow-covered road to the west, huddled down against the spikes of winter freeze soaking into your clothes, you finally arrive at Korolard's homestead. He directs the mule past his modest home, it's windows glowing with the warm golden light of lanterns inside, and stops the wagon in front of a sizable barn.

"Why don't you go ahead and head inside the barn. There's a wood heater in there for when it gets too cold for the livestock. Go ahead and stoke her up while I get my mule here out of her harness. The rear section where the heater is has fresh hay, and you'll find some clean blankets on a shelf nearby."

You proceed inside the barn, where a few sorrel-colored work horses look at you solemnly from behind their gates. In the back of the barn, you indeed discover all the items that Korolard mentioned, and soon you have a crackling fire burning inside the heater. It should bring some warmth to you during the evening.

You get your belongings settled while Korolard brings the mule inside and gets her brushed and fed. He tells you a bit of his family while he works, of his wife of 22 years, their 7 children (three boys and four girls), and a bit of the life around the farm and in Trellmont. He seems to feel highly of his town, although the more sensitive of you may notice a hint of underlying sadness to his stories.

Korolard leaves you alone for some time, only to return shortly after to bring you a pitcher of warm ale and some hard bread and cheese to share. "My wife insisted, even though I told her ye had already eaten at the Inn. If it pleases you, we'd like to to join us for breakfast in the morning. I can't say it'll be the best breakfast you ever had, but it'll fill you up for whatever ye choose to do tomorrow."
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