Alex Carmichal (tekmagika) wrote in imagine_fantasy,
Alex Carmichal

{ Korolard's Farm / Trellmont - Friday, February 13th - Morning }

The group climbs into the wagon with Korolard and his friend, and it pulls away from the farm heading towards town. Although it is still quite cold, the biting chill is reduced by the lack of strong winds and the sun making an occasional appearance from behind the thick, grey cloud cover.

During the trip into Trellmont, those observing Korolard's friend notice his white hands gripping the side of the wagon and his unwavering stare straight in front of him. Any attempt to speak with him get only silence in return, and Korolard looks back with a plea in his face asking for the party's silence.

When the group arrives in town, Korolard's friend walks straight over to a large house near the Inn, knocks on the door, and goes inside. Korolard turns to you, face graven, and finally breaks the silence.

"Last night, Lingus's son disappeared and 'tis likely that he will never be heard from again. Erowyn must have been coming home late from the inn, taking a short cut through a field. His tracks through the snow come to an end, there in the field, but Erowyn himself was gone. Lingus found only his son's cap nearby."

Korolard pauses here, a visible shiver running up his spine. "The year of the demon has begun, and no one will be safe until the winter ends and..." He pauses again, peering around the familiar village dolefully, then finishes, "...and two more have died. It always takes three before going."
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