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Alex Carmichal

{ Trellmont (Here, There, Everywhere) - Friday, February 13th - Morning }

From speaking to Korolard earlier, you recall that Lingus is one of his neighbors and lives next door to him, so you head down the road back towards Korolard's homestead in the north-west portion of town. Word has seemingly spread about your presence in the village, and as you walk down the snow-covered trail, you can feel the stares of farmers and their families, peering at your through partially opened doors and frosted glass windows.

As you exit the town center and head into the farming areas, you cross the stream that Marcella spoke of; frozen in winter stillness and creeping it's way into the grazing lands to the north.

Minutes later, and you are at Korolard's farm. Fornte and Elgaiar continue on to the north to the next farm over while Callasandra, Kalolel, and Niyati stay with Korolard and his wife to try and get new information, if any is to be had.

Although he is obviously still in a great deal of despair, Lingus manages a weak smile when he learns that you have come to chop firewood for him. He insists on helping you, but he tells his surviving family (a wife and a young son, perhaps 7 or 8 years old) to remain in the farmhouse while he is gone. The three of you proceed to the side of the barn where you chop cords of wood for at least an hour, stacking them in neat rows alongside the cellar doors. Lingus is silent as you stack and chop, occasionally pausing to look sadly towards the northeast - where the body of his son was found.

When the work is complete, Lingus gives you water and some food, and allows you to wash up before you head back to join the rest of your party at Korolard's farm. He thanks you for your kind help, and just before you leave he says, "I know you mean to try and find the creature. If somehow, someway, you manage to do it, and actually manage to kill the thing...just...I...". He breaks into tears and turns away, heading into his house and closing the door behind him.

Back at the Korolard farm, the information is equally as sparce. Neither Korolard nor his wife know anything other than what you've already heard about the demon-spirit. They both seem to think that the chances of actually confronting and defeating it is slim.

Elgaiar and Fronte return about an hour before noon, and you gather in the chill air to discuss your next steps.
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