Alex Carmichal (tekmagika) wrote in imagine_fantasy,
Alex Carmichal

{ North of Trellmont - Friday, February 13th - Afternoon }

Kalolel is first to scramble through the small opening, her eyes quickly adjusting to the lower light levels as she rises to her feet beyond the pile of rocks and debris. Before her is a naturally formed limestone cavern, about five feet wide and twelve feet long, with an eight foot ceiling. She steps forward a foot or two as Niyati comes in behind her, and as she does she can feel something hard give way under her foot, creating a loud crunching sound.

The torch that Niyati carries in with her only verifies Kalolel's sinking suspicion. She had stepped upon what appears to be an old, brittle arm bone, snapping it in several pieces. Glancing around the room as the rest of the party slides through the hole, Niyati and Kalolel can see that the floor of the cavern is covered with human bones, shredded rotting cloth, and a number of glints of metal reflecting the torchlight.

About nine feet into the cavern, Kalolel can see what appears to be a humanoid-sized creature lying on it's side, facing away from the entrance. It's body appears greatly mutilated.
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