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{ Trellmont (Near the Inn) - Friday, February 13th - Morning }

Korlard at first looks pleased, but he quickly frowns and says, "The demon-spirit is a part of our village. And though a sad one, 'tis an unavoidable plague we live with. You would do well to leave it alone; it'd be safer. Besides, Marcella is the only one who knows 'bout it, and she says it has to be so."

[ Assuming that the question will be asked... ]

'Marcella is the wisewoman and healer for the entire village. She lives there,", he points towards the southwest towards a dwelling, "but I dinnae know if she will speak with you."

"I have to go warn the rest of the village, but I wish you luck and good hunting in whatever you do. You are an honorable lot...the world could use more of you."

With that, Korolard shuffles through the snow towards the Inn.
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