Alex Carmichal (tekmagika) wrote in imagine_fantasy,
Alex Carmichal

{ Trellmont (Trellmont Inn / Marcella's dwelling) - Friday, February 13th - Morning }

-- Elgaiar and Niyati --

You follow Korolard's path into the Trellmont Inn, knocking the excess snow from your boots as you enter the threshold. The tavern area is relatively empty, although there are a few men by the bar. They stand in a loose crowd around Korolard as he speaks, Daral (the owner) listening from behind the bar.

Korolard speaks in hushed tones, but you catch a portion of his story...that of the missing Erowyn, son of Lingus. He glances to you as he speaks, the eyes of the rest of the tavernfolk following his gaze. They look at you with a combination of curiosity and mistrust.

-- Fornte, Callasandra, and Kalolel --

The small, one room dwelling of Marcella is obviously old but well-cared for, with a small porch and awning set in the middle of the front of the place. There are quite a few totems and charms hanging from threads along the edge of the awning, and set in the middle of the door is the skull of a small mammal, perhaps a chipmunk or squirrel. Resting on the ground to the left of the door is a small empty jar.

You barely get within arms reach of the door before you hear a woman's voice from beyond.

"I have no rooms for rent, if that's what you're here for. Try the Inn!"
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