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Alex Carmichal

{ Caverns, North of Trellmont - Friday, February 13th - Afternoon }

Elgaiar, you get down on your belly and, holding your torch in one hand and your sword in the other, begin to scramble into the narrow opening. Movement is heavily restricted here, and you find yourself having to pull along the rocks and gravel with your elbows, taking care not to get the flame from the torch too close to your skin.

[ Elgaiar, remember to reduce your torch inventory on your character sheet by 1 (should have a total of 2 now). ]

After crawling only two or three yards into the rough hole, which descends for as far as you can see, you realize that there is not enough air current to push the torch smoke out of the tunnel. The air is already thick with it, and you are finding it more and more difficult to get a clean breath of air. Urging Niyati to back up out of the hole behind you, you scramble backwards and are pulled out of the hole with the assistance of the others.

You know that light will be necessary in the darkness of the tunnel [ GM liberty here to keep things moving along ] , so you decide to go with Niyati's previous plan. Extinguishing the flame on the torch, she mutters a few arcane words over the blackened end and a golden, magical light springs forth, equal in brightness to a torch but without the threat of heat or smoke. [ Niyati, you can still cast 4 more cantrips for the day. ]

Satisfied, Elgaiar once again proceeds into the tunnel, followed by Niyati, Callasandra, Fronte and, in the rear, Kalolel. The tunnel descends for fifteen feet, then levels out. You can feel the weight of tons of earth above and around you, the only sound heard is your own breath and the chattering of flesh against dirt and stone as you crawl along the difficult passage. Kalolel, being in the back, is in near darkness, and would be almost blind if it wasn't for her low-light vision.

Elgaiar, as the passage levels out, you can see something lying in the center of the tunnel about ten feet ahead of you. You think it may be a pile of bones, but you cannot be certain until you approach.

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