Alex Carmichal (tekmagika) wrote in imagine_fantasy,
Alex Carmichal

{ Caverns, North of Trellmont - Friday, February 13th - Afternoon }

The creature screeches angrily as Fornte, grimacing through a haze of pain, begins to gesture and mutter arcane words under his breath. Fornte's right hand begins to glow an icy blue as the creature swipes at him, the attack hitting nothing but air.

Fornte takes a step to the side and finishes his incantation, aiming a finger at the monstrosity. A ray of freezing air and ice beams out from the finger, striking the creature in the right shoulder. It yelps in surprise and pain as the skin freezes in the area of impact.

Elgaiar rushes forward as Fornte retreats, his long sword glimmering in the torchlight. The ranger swings for the vulnerable neck of the creature, but it anticipates the angle and ducks low, the sword swooshing over it's head.

What do you do?

[ Next round, everyone gets to act. Order of actions will be Callasandra, Elgaiar, Fornte, Kalolel, and Niyati. You don't have to wait for those ahead of you in the round to post. I will arrange the actions.

I've been experimenting with the Neverwinter Nights Beta Toolset, and (among other things) I created portraits of each of your characters. Check them out and let me know what you think :)

Niyati ]
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